idealized villanova house urn – Sculptjanuary 2018

This is one of the objects I made for the sculptjanuary challenge 2018.It was made using blender and took around 2h to sculpt.  Please keep in mind that this is just a sculpting excercise and should in no way be seen as an scientific reconstruction.  Sculpt January 21 – Ancient — House Urn by praehist3d on...


Glienicker Dorfkirche / 3D Scanned church

Die Dorfkirche von Glienicke (Land Brandenburg) wurde fotogrammetrisch erfasst und in mehreren Artikeln auf diesem Blog vorgestellt.Scan und Modellaufbereitunginteraktive Begehung des KirchhofesThe rural church of Glienicke (Brandenburg, Germany) was digitized using photogrammetry and is published in two articles on this blog.Scan and model refinementinteractive walk around the church


neolithic Stone Axe – 3D Scan

Diese neolithische Steinaxt wurde in Vorbereitung meiner Masterarbeit digitalisiert. Mehr Informationen zu diesem Objekt finden sie in diesem Artikel zu Abnutzungsspuren an Artefakten.This neolithic stone axe was scanned during the last steps of finding my master thesis topic. For more Informations visit this article about traces of use on artefacts.

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