3D Scan Architectural Feature (Clay cutter) - 2015

In 2015, during new construction work near the banks of the Havel River in Brandenburg, a modern clay cutter was uncovered. This belonged to a brick factory previously located on the site and dates roughly to the 19th century.

The system, which consists of three large swamp basins, was excavated by the excavation company pmp Projekt GmbH and documented. In this context, according to instructions from Praehist3D Bild recordings were made and sent digitally to Hanover. there were the pictures of us in converted a 3D model and sent it back to the researchers together with a series of distortion-free render images.

With these, the existing documentation could be supplemented and the building ensemble could be captured in all its facets.


Torsten Trebeß/ Dietmar Rathert (2016) Von der Tonmühle zum Eigenheim – Reste einer Plauer Ziegelei in der Großen Mühlenstraße Historischer Verein Brandenburg (Havel) e. V., (Hrsg.) 25. Jahresbericht 2015–2016, S. 159–168 (Brandenburg 2016).