News of the Week 29 – 2021

News and scientific Articles from the 29th week of 2021 featuring 3D Archaeology, new Methods and reconstructions.

traces of bronzeage needle making in 3D

Bones are processed in various steps to artifacts and tools. Frequently, unfinished or semifinished pieces of raw material can be found in archaeological assemblages. These semifinished products often have characteristic traces of processing, from which conclusions can be drawn on related finished products. A particularly typical form were metatarsus needed for needle production. The Metatarsus […]

Nativity figurines for 3D printing

History of Nativity scenes The first evidence of a reenactment of the birth of Jesus and the surrounding events can be found in Greccio in 1223 by Francis of Assisi. For the first time, instead of preaching, he used humans and living animals to imitate the biblical traditions. Subsequently, Christmas and Easter representations are increasingly […]