Venus From Willendorf 3D

On August 7, 1908, an 11 cm Venus figurine was found in Austria. The statuette, uncovered by Joseph Szombathy at a depth of 20 cm, became world-famous a little later as the Venus of WIllendorf. With an age of almost 30,000 years, it is one of the oldest works of art of mankind and still fascinates today. Originally, the ivory figure had a reddish painting of ocher, which, however, was removed by careless washing, the object already in 1908.

The figure available here is not a 3D scan of the original figure, but a reconstruction based on freely available data. Therefore, it is not a 1:1 copy, but has minor deviations from the original. The texture is meant to represent the original painting with ocher.

The model is available in a variety of different formats, for 3D printing. The scale of the model is given in mm. Also, available is a set of textures to create quick simple render images.