Snippet: new 3D models

Just a short summary featuring the models i processed this evening:

rooster mosaic

Made from 80 aligned pictures this model was derived from a sparse point cloud, to just get a first glimpse of the final Model. The Texture was mapped on the 140 k poly mesh.

Sadly this object is without find location or dating. It is stored in the study collection of Berlin university and was found at least 40 years ago. So if anyone is specialized in mosaics some informations about the dating and/or origin would be greatly appreciated.

Rooster mosaic
by praehist3d
on Sketchfab



stone axe

50 pictures there used to proccess this model. Like the above mosaic its mesh is only a low poly version derived from a sparse point cloud.

stone Axe
by praehist3d
on Sketchfab

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