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Talking Archaeology

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If you like to get Information about the most recent develpments in Archaeology and enjoy listening to well produced Podcasts you have to check out the Archaeology Podcast Network. They bring you amazing content from a wide variety of different Topics and had recently started a new project there you can get involved yourself and spread the word about your own research.

I think this can be a great opportunity for Freelancers, Educators and Students to present their work without having to worry about the hole technical setup podcasting needs. As i listened to the latest episode 033 I was suprised to find a collection of supplemental Material to provide more Information.

But let Tristan Boyle explain himself:

The Arch365 Project is a podcast a day about archaeology. Podcasts are short online radio shows that people can download and listen on devices or their computers. They are extremely sharable on social media and are a great way of showing your passion for the past. This is a huge project with lots of different aspects but we can we could work together in a few ways:

If you need any other information, please do not hesitate to contact us. For examples of current episodes please visit archaeologypodcastnetwork.com/arch365.


I had the fortunate opportunity to babbel myself about 3D in Archaeology a while ago with Tristan. If you are interest in my own gruesome english you can find it here.