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Preview of the “Widow Bollmann” and her Tritons

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Today there is only a short contribution.

Witwe Bollmann Galatea Testrender 01

We have moved in the last few weeks and are now back in our old home. Shortly after unpacking the last boxes, I got on my bike and paid a visit to the Widow Bollmann.

In Brandenburg, there is the legend of Fritze Bollmann, a grumpy barber who falls into the lake during a fishing trip and drowns. Shortly afterwards, he has an interesting chat with Peter at the pearly gates.

At the beginning of the 20th century, a statue of Galatea surrounded by four Tritons was erected next to a monument to Fritze Bollmann. This legendary figure of the seas was renamed Witwe Bollmann by the people of Brandenburg because of its direct proximity to the so-called Bollmann Fountain.

The Baroque figure, which was created in the 17th century, now stands on the Dominsel in Brandenburg. There I have scanned her and the surrounding Tritons and preparing to publish the figures. However, as this will take a little longer, here are some preview pictures.

As soon as the processing of the scans is completed, and I have made a test printout, a more comprehensive article will appear here on the blog. Perhaps even with a reconstruction of the former structure of the figure group.

Triton 01 by praehist3d on Sketchfab

More information will follow. If you have any information or perhaps even pictures/drawings of the original construction of the Galatea in Brandenburg, please contact me: