remastering the 3d printable nativity figurines

remastering the nativity figurines casper 04

After 6 Years, I started to “remaster” my 3D scanned nativity Figurines Set.

These are the first WIP Pictures. The Models will be added to the available Stores, so customers who bought the bundle in the Past will get the remastered ones as a free Upgrade.

first nativity figurine, Casper, remastered

Update 22.02.2023 - Maria

Second nativity figurine remastered. This time Maria. It is remarkable how well Blender3d handles high Poly meshes nowadays. I use Face sets to isolate logical parts and resculpt these separately. The finer Details are derived from displacing the color textures.

Update 26.02.2023 - Jesus, Joseph

Third and Fourth Figurine remastered. Jesus and Joseph are finished.

Update 03.03.2023 - Melchior

Fith Figurine remastered. Melchior is the second model of the three wiseman/kings that followed the star to greet the child.

Update 06.03.2023 - Balthazar

The last of the three Kings/Wiseman models, Balthazar, is now also done.

Finalized renderings

All remastered Figurines are now finished.



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