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reconstructing a 60s movie prop

  • Blender

I know this is not a typical archaeological topic, but I am a massive fan of Star Trek and thought it would be fun to reconstruct a movie prop from the beginning of SCIFI movies. So please forgive me for not staying on topic and enjoy the model. Next time it will be archaeology again, I promise.

This type 3 phaser, or phaser rifle, was only used in one episode of Star Trek but became an iconic movie prop. In its philosophical background, star fleet doesn’t need a weapon with this much destructive power. But the maker of the original series needed some guns to sell their vision to NBC television network. So, they built one and used it in the Episode “where no man has gone before”. But they made it clear that it is highly unusual to use a weapon like this. For Example, Spock has to go through numerous confirmations to get one simple rifle to the surface of Delta Vega.

The Original Prop is now owned by a private collector, and currently only reconstructed versions are for sale.

Type 3 phaser (Phaserrifle) – Star Trek
by praehist3d
on Sketchfab

This Model was constructed using old footage and drawings of the prop and Blender for modelling and rendering. It is not finished yet, but no 3D model ever is.